Why Grohmann Knives are in the UK

Colonial Knives is dedicated to selling Grohmann Knives in the UK. The business is owned and operated by Jeff MacDonald, a Maritimer from Eastern Canada who moved to the UK over 25 years ago. A handmade Grohmann Knife is the essential knife for a Canadian to own and the main reason is the premium materials and craftsmanship applied to each and every knife by the individual, skilled maker. They have been in production since 1957 and still maintain their reputation for consistently high quality that has spread across Canada, North America and beyond.       

The owner bought his first knife, the Trout and Bird, at age twelve taking the 250 mile train trip with a friend to the small factory in rural Nova Scotia. The model he purchased is still very much a part of outdoor life in England today more than forty years later. This interest in Grohmann has now continued with the introduction of the complete Outdoor and Kitchen selections to the UK market.

Grohmann produces 17 belt, folding, lockblade and filleting Outdoor knives plus four selections of premium Kitchen Knives. 

The Kitchen Knives range from poly-handled production knives to fully forged and balanced Chefs' Knives. Most models are now available here for beginners, chefs at home and professionals.

A Grohmann knife needs to be used to be appreciated and you can feel the quality handmade construction  immediately when you hold one in your hand. They are comfortable and versatile to use and built to last with quality materials and attention to detail. The type of steel used in the knives was chosen by the original maker and has stood the test of time for durability and ease of sharpening. 

Each blade is hardened at the factory before being constructed and finished with over 50 steps used in the process. The type of steel varies according to the style of knife as follows:

- for Outdoor Knives: Fixed blades-German 4110 Stainless and C70 type Carbon; AUS6 for the Folders- all with a hardness of 56-58 Rockwell; 

- for Kitchen Knives: only High Carbon Stainless with a hardness of 54-56 Rockwell.

Our confidence in Grohmann quality is backed up by Grohmann’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.